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Route of Appeal: Hearing

Generally, hearings will take longer than written representations (usually around 2 weeks longer) but have the advantage of allowing parties to present their case to an inspector. The inspector’s role is to lead discussion on the issues. The appellant will have the opportunity to discuss the merits of the proposal in more detail.

Costs awards are available for appeals using the inquiry procedure, as with any other type of appeal. However, it is important to remember that costs are only awarded in planning appeals for unreasonable behaviour. These can be against either party. For further information in respect of costs awards, please see our FAQs section.

Take a look at our timeline on hearings for more details regarding the timeframes of your appeal.

Please note: these timescales can be revised by the Planning Inspectorate and much depends on the complexity of the issues involved and the route of appeal chosen. We will provide further advice on the route of appeal once instructed as each case is different.