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Planning Appeals

If your application for planning permission is refused, you have a right of appeal. Planning appeals are generally decided by Planning Inspectors appointed by the Planning Inspectorate, a Government agency that is completely independent of your local Council. 

The Planning Inspector will reconsider your planning application and make a fresh decision on it after considering the Council’s reasons for refusal and your arguments as to why planning permission should be granted.

How to Appeal a Planning Decision

There are three routes for planning appeals, Written Representations, Hearings and Inquiries. 

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Most appeals – around 90% – are dealt with by the Written Representations route, with the Hearing and Inquiry procedures generally used for more complex matters. In a planning appeal by Written Representations, you will submit your case on paper for consideration by the Planning Inspector. As this is your only chance to influence the Inspector’s decision, it is important that your case is as detailed and persuasive as possible. The Inspector will also consider the Council’s written justification of its refusal of your planning application before making a decision.

Zyda Law are award-winning solicitors who specialise in planning appeals. Through our Planning Helpline service we can take your case for an affordable fee that is less than you might think. Our expert advice and years of experience of dealing with planning appeals will make appealing a planning decision easy and give you the best possible chance of obtaining planning permission. We offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss the reason(s) why your planning application was refused and how you can appeal.

Our service includes the following:

FREE initial advice and recommendations on your planning appeal

FREE low cost fixed fee proposal

FREE appointment as your agents

Once instructed by you:

Production of written representations or statement of case (as required) for your planning appeal

Review of and advice on the Council’s case and the reasons it refused planning pemmission

Drafting and Submission of planning appeals correspondence with Council and the Planning Inspectorate

Liaising with expert witnesses (where required)

Drafting planning conditions (where required)

Negotiating with local planning authority (where required)

Reviewing and responding to objections

Making verbal representations to the Inspector (for Hearings and Inquiries)

Reviewing the planning appeal decision and providing further advice as necessary

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Please note: the timescales we provide for each type of appeal can be revised by the Planning inspectorate and much depends on the complexity of the issues involved and the route of appeal chosen. We will provide further advice on the route of appeal once instructed as each case is different. The timelines on each appeal page demonstrate the process for written representations