How to challenge a Planning Decision

Once an Appellant receives a planning decision it is down to them to appeal against the decision. The following blog provides a brief guide on how to challenge a planning decision.

Securing Planning Permission in the Green Belt

A question we frequently get asked is 'how do we secure planning permission in the green belt or other constrained land?' the following blog considers the proposed question and advises on the best approach to take.

Enforcement Notice's

An Enforcement Notice is a legal document requiring you to carry out certain steps in order to resolve an alleged breach of planning control within a certain timeframe. The Local Planning Authority have the power to issue a Planning Enforcement Notice if you are suspected of breaching planning control; this can include building a structure without first obtaining planning permission or failing to carry out a development exactly as shown in your approved plans.
The Planning Helpline Blog Restrictive Covenants

The different types of Planning Applications

When contemplating projects, it is important to consder whether the development will require planning permission, the following blog contains a brief outline of the different types of planning applications.

Five Top Tips to gain planning permission

The likelihood of obtaining a successful planning application will enhance significantly on the quality and amount of time you spend on preparation; we have compiled five key top tips to assist you in obtaining a successful planning application.

Making the most of your Appeal

Many applicants submit planning applications which seek a grant of permission for multiple developments as part of a single planning application, for example an applicant may seek permission for a 'single storey rear extension and two storey side extension'. We find that these types of applications are often refused, in full, by the Local Planning Authority, even though the reasons for refusal provided are specific to a single element of the development proposed.

HMO Blog

A current trend has seen an increase in the number of Article 4 restrictions being implemented by LPA’s and as a direct result of this an increase in the amount of Change of Use from C3 (dwellinghouse) to C4 (small HMO) Planning Applications being submitted.  The use of an Article 4 restriction by an LPA means that anyone wishing to convert a dwelling house to a small House in Multiple Occupation (‘HMO’) cannot rely on the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 and will need to apply for planning permission. 
The Planning Helpline Blog Permitted Development

Permitted Development

Many homeowners wishing to build outbuildings do so, without being required to acquire planning permission using the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (the ‘GDPO’). Schedule 2 Part 1 Class E of the GPDO, allows for the construction of outbuildings which are “incidental to the enjoyment of a dwelling house”

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